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Help me with my weight!

If you are:

  • feeling shame around your weight,
  • disappointed in yourself for not being able to keep weight off and
  • frustrated that diets feel like a trap

After so many failed attempts, you feel like you are the problem.


which leads you to overeat, spin your wheels and even withdraw from social interactions.


You have put in the work, cut out the foods and eaten the salads 


but you regained the weight in just a few months. 


Other times you give up before making any real progress.


You are not alone!

!! Flip the script !!

It's time to:

  • lose weight

  • increase your confidence

  • feel more energy

without eating salads every meal and working out hours every day.


Restrictive dieting has been the wrong approach the entire time.


When you cut out entire foods you lose the things you enjoy and the commitment to sticking to it.


Excessive exercising makes physical movement a burden. When it seems like a burden, how can you be motivated?


!! Things can be different !!

Our Total Health Mastery Program removes the burden of diet and exercise. We move you to food freedom and consistent physical movement.


  • provide you the tools to get your control back

  • support you in your weight loss journey

  • finally make it stick


What's included?

Total Health Mastery Program

  • 12 substantive lessons on nutrition and exercising (see outline below)

  • 12 group coaching sessions

  • 50+ pages of nutrition and exercise tools, resources and tips

  • Daily check-ins

  • Online community (web and phone app)


Prior Program Participants

"The Total Health Mastery Program is a simple program that can provide great results when you choose to apply yourself and take action."

- Donna

"Loved hearing other participants perspectives as well as the coaching guidance."

- Bridgette

"I’m extremely happy that I signed on for this. Joshua is fantastic."

- Loraine

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