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How to Use ChatGPT to Meal Plan Easily

May 31, 2023
Prepped meals for each day of the week

Sometimes the worst part of meal prep is the planning. There are so many ideas on what to eat out there, that it's easy to get overwhelmed.

So here's a set of step-by-step prompts for you to use on ChatGPT to get a quality meal plan based on your personal desires.

If you just want the total script, skip to the bottom and copy and paste! If you want to see an example of my meal plan prepared by ChatGPT, go to the next blog!

  1. Go to:

  2. Start the conversation with ChatGPT: Greet and introduce yourself so the program can get to know you.

    Example: "Hi, I am Joshua. I am a lawyer and work a lot."
  3. Specify your dietary preferences: Provide details about any specific dietary requirements or preferences you have, such as vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, or any food allergies. This will make sure the program does not plan meals that you can't eat.

    Example: "I am strict vegan. I do not eat meat, dairy or animal by-products. However, I do eat bacon."
  4. Indicate your health goals: Share your health goals, whether it's weight loss, muscle gain, general well-being, or any other specific objectives you have in mind. This will help the program know whether you need to eat more protein (muscle gain) or modify your calories (weight gain or loss).

    Example: "I am looking to gain muscle. "
  5. Mention your preferred calorie range or have it calculate it: Let ChatGPT know your desired daily calorie intake or range. If you're unsure, you can ask for recommendations based on your health goals.

    Example: "I don't know my expected calorie range, but I am 32 years old, 6'2" and 175 pounds and workout moderately 3 times per week."
  6. Provide information about your meal preferences: Share any specific foods or cuisines you enjoy, as well as any dislikes or restrictions you may have.

    Example: "I really like asian meals. I am allergic to nuts and do not particularly like garlic."
  7. Specify the number of meals and snacks: Indicate how many meals and snacks you would like to include in your daily meal plan.

    Example: "I would like you to plan a lunch and dinner plus one snack between meals for an entire week."
  8. Mention your preferred cooking level: Let ChatGPT know your cooking skill level, whether you prefer quick and easy recipes or are open to more complex culinary creations.

    Example: "I would like meals that are quick and easy to prepare."
  9. Ask for variety: Request a diverse range of meals to keep things interesting and prevent monotony.

    Example: "I would like to meal prep the same meal for several days each time before switching."
  10. Inquire about specific nutrient requirements: If you have specific nutrient needs, such as high protein or low carbohydrate meals, feel free to mention them.

    Example: "I want to build muscle so need to eat more protein."
  11. Express any additional preferences or concerns: If you have any specific requests, such as budget-friendly options, time constraints, or specific ingredients to include or avoid, communicate them to ChatGPT.

    Example: "I would like you to include budget-friendly options."
  12. Review and finalize: ChatGPT will generate a meal plan based on your preferences. Take a moment to review the plan and make any necessary adjustments or clarifications. If you want more options, ask. If you want options without a particular ingredient, ask. Ask it to change to your needs.

  13. Ask for a grocery list: ChatGPT will even generate a grocery list for you -- just ask! Example: "Prepare a grocery list for the meal plan you create."

Here is the script in total -- no need to give one piece of information per message:

"Hi, I am [name]. I am a [profession]. I am [vegan/vegetarian]. However, I do eat [exception]. I am looking to [gain muscle][lose weight][maintain weight]. I don't know my expected calorie range, but I am [age], [height] and [weight] pounds and workout [number of times] times per week. I really like [preferred meal types]. I am allergic to [allergy] and do not like [what you don't like]. I would like you to plan [breakfast][lunch][and dinner][plus one snack between meals] for an entire week. [I would like meals that are quick and easy to prepare.] I would like to meal prep [the same meal for several days each time][different meals each time]. I would like you to include budget-friendly options. Prepare a grocery list for the meal plan you create."

Remember, ChatGPT is an AI language model and not a certified nutritionist or medical professional. While it can provide general guidance, it's always a good idea to consult with a healthcare professional or registered dietitian for personalized advice or if you have specific dietary or health concerns.

Enjoy your personalized meal plan and happy cooking!

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